Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When a bride has a metal allergy…

When I got married 16 years ago, earrings for sensitive ears and necklaces for sensitive skin were hard to find. But today’s brides are lucky! Allergy-free wedding jewelry is accessible, affordable and as lovely as any girl could hope for.

I love making custom wedding jewelry! By the time a bride contacts me, she has already been planning her wedding for months, and her imagination is full of sparkles and dreams. So our discussions to plan her wedding jewelry are creative and fun!

As the 2016 wedding season approaches, I thought I’d share some photos from some of my recent custom wedding jewelry orders. Both of these brides had ordered titanium earrings or niobium earrings from Variya in the past, and I was honored they contacted me to create their wedding jewelry. Mira and Brittany were a pleasure to work with, and looked radiant in their custom bridal jewelry.

Mira has a metal allergy and had given up on wearing earrings after a bad experience in high school. But her mom, who also has sensitive ears, has had success wearing titanium earrings from Variya. So Mira decided to give us a try too. I’m so glad she did! She is a lovely customer and I was delighted with her on her custom designs. She looked stunning in her custom earrings and necklace made from Swarovski crystals and pearls.    

photo credit: Sean Cook

The pearls shone and crystals glittered on Mira's titanium earrings.    

Mira's necklace was made of glass pearls and a vintage style brooch.

Brittany has been a fabulous customer for many years, I was ecstatic when she contacted me for custom jewelry for her big day. We worked through a couple design ideas and the result were titanium earrings that made such a statement, she didn’t need any other jewelry! (If you click on the photo, it will open a bigger image so you can get a closer look.) 

photo credit: Erin Palmer

Brittany wanted a beautiful and subtle pop of blue to accent these lovely earrings

photo credit: Erin Palmer
Thank you to these lovely brides for sharing these stunning photos here. I'm honored that they chose Variya for their wedding day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What's Happening Today: Custom Designed Necklace

This beautiful custom necklace was finished up and packaged as a very special birthday gift today.

While it's not the usual fare of earrings for sensitive ears that you read about here, the wearer-to-be does have skin that is sensitive to sterling silver, so this necklace is composed of natural brass.

What is most fun about this lovely necklace and what I just LOVE about doing custom work is the special meaning behind every custom piece. The significance of this piece is the gems: garnet, amethyst, pearl and rose quartz, and not in the way that you would probably first guess. 

Did you guess birthstones? Nope. 

This custom necklace was made for fans of the show Steven Universe! Gems are a big part of the story line, so I'm thinking it's probably I could get excited about!

I think this is such a creative and thoughtful gift. I did not know a thing about the show until I was commissioned to do this piece and although I still have yet to see it, I read a little about it and it's pretty interesting and creative. Here is a quick excerpt explanation:

 "It is the coming-of-age story of a young boy named Steven, who grows up in the town of Beach City while living with three magical humanoid aliens, the "Crystal Gems" Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Steven, who is half-Gem, goes on adventures with his friends and helps the Gems protect the world from their own kind."- Wikipedia

Rose Quartz has a place somewhere in there too, but I haven't figured out where yet. Now I might have a new show to follow and I'm sure my son will be delighted to join me!

In the meantime, I had better get back to work on my titanium and niobium earrings orders for my wonderful customers with sensitive earlobes! Please feel free to contact me any time with a custom order request - I love working with my customers to come up with unique and meaningful designs!