Monday, March 4, 2013

The 2013 Color of the Year

I never knew there was an official color of the year until I stepped into the world of jewelry making. But now that I know, I’m all in! 

March is the perfect month to do my color duty and highlight this year’s Color of the Year—emerald.

For some reason, I’ve always adored St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s my way of honoring the trace of Irish heritage way back down the family line. Or maybe it’s because I live in one of the snowiest parts of the country, and St. Patty’s Day tells me spring is just around the corner. Whatever the reason, as soon as February makes its exit, I start adorning my house in green (i.e. emerald), googling St. Patrick’s Day trivia to create a game for my eight-year-old, and hiding lucky little shamrocks around the house with surprises inside.
He is usually more excited than he looks here. Or maybe I am more excited than he looks here.

I even wrote a limerick to celebrate the delightful collision of St. Patty’s Day and the 2013 Color of the Year.


There exists a group called Pantone.
They name colors for all that we own.
Every year they will choose
a winner of hues and
this year it’s the em-e-rald tone.

And now, I’m pleased to introduce Variya’s 2013 Color of the Year / St. Patrick's Day line of hand-crafted, allergy-free jewelry. (Drum roll and Celtic music, please...)

When these emerald green goldstone globes sway from delicate gold figaro chains, they catch the light and show off thousands of sparkles from deep within. The pure niobium ear wires mean that most people with metal allergies can wear them allergy-free! For more photos or to order a pair, visit my etsy shop.

Stacked with seaweed quartz in varying shades of green, these pure titanium earrings are very light and comfortable. The polished titanium is meticulously hand-filed for an ultra smooth edge. You can order your pair here.

What's this? A matching necklace for the Siren Song titanium earrings above? You're going to want to check out this necklace in my etsy shop—there's so much to it, one photo doesn't do it justice. The Siren Song necklace is made with gorgeous green seaweed quartz and accented with crystals and antique silver. Agate chips dangle asymmetrically, just to keep things interesting. An antique silver scroll clasp finishes off this captivating piece.

To me, these earrings whisper elegance and romance. If only we had St. Patrick's Day dinner parties like we do at Christmastime. I'd wear these with a deep emerald green dress. Hm, I'm getting an idea... Emerald green jasper drops dangle from Celtic gold accents, and tiny green jasper faceted globes accent the piece. As with all Variya's earrings, these ones are friendly for sensitive ears.

Thanks for stopping by. You can go here for all things green at Variya.  Happy St. Patrick's Day, and may your 2013 be filled with good things of emerald hue!