Sunday, December 23, 2012

Variya's Half Dozen Days of Christmas

First things first. Before you start reading, you're going to want to have the "12 Days of Christmas" tune ringing in your brain. If you need a refresher, here's a fun version. But come right back because there are goodies and give-aways in this post that you won’t want to miss!

On the first day of Christmas
Variya gave to me...

an idea for a jew-el-ry tree.

You know how it goes. Tangled necklaces, missing earrings … all that pretty jewelry jumbled in chaos! It’s just not right. Here are a couple simple, cheap DIY ideas to organize your jewelry.

Thanks for this creative idea goes to Danielle, who also takes creative photos in the D.C. area.

An old CD rack makes another great jewelry organizer.
On the second day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me...

two happy earlobes

(and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Titanium and niobium allergy-free earrings make for happy, healthy earlobes.

After eight years of naked, lonely earlobes, the day I discovered titanium earrings was a happy one. Most people with metal allergies can wear pure titanium and niobium with no allergy problems. All my earrings are made with grade 1 pure titanium or niobium—including these classic titanium studs, which I’m giving away to one of you lucky readers! Leave a comment and tell me about a unique holiday tradition you have. The day after New Year's I’ll pick my favorite and send you a pair of these allergy-free earrings to make your earlobes oh-so happy.

On the third day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Three free dangles

(two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Allergy-free hooks and gemstone dangles let you mix and match to create your own earrings that go with anything!
Normally when you purchase a pair of these titanium or niobium allergy-free hooks, you get to pick two complimentary dangles. But for this third day of Christmas gift from me to you, pick three! Order your hooks here, choose your complimentary dangles here, and getchyo glam on! Use coupon code 12DAYSBLOG at checkout to get your three free dangles.

On the fourth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Four dollars saved

(three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Save your moolah. At Variya, shipping is free!
When I used to charge for shipping, the average order ran around $4. But now shipping's on me! Anything you order from my etsy shop, including custom wedding jewelry, includes free shipping. 

On the fifth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Fiiiiiiiive gooooooolden (ear)rrrriiiings

(four dollars saved, 
three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Style and health. Variya's allergy-free earrings let you have it all.
These chic, classic golden hoops are good for everything from a holiday party to running errands in a baseball cap. These simple hoops are meticulously hand-filed at the ends resulting smooth edges and made with pure, allergy-free niobium to make your sensitive ears comfy and happy.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Six pretty bows

(fiiiiive gooooolden earrings,
four dollars saved, 
three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Need a last-minute Christmas present or hostess gift? Your purchases at Variya come shipped in a sleek box hugged with pretty pink ribbon -- ready to give to that special someone.
I hope all your days of Christmas are happy, cozy and adorned with something that glitters in the firelight!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

I just love this time of year. Winter hasn't fully hit, thankfulness is in the air, and there's a day coming very soon when I can gorge myself on pumpkin pie without a bit of guilt. One more day, just one more day...

There are plenty of truly significant and deeply meaningful things that I'm thankful for. (People, for example. And pumpkin pie.) But on the lighter side, here are five small things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Semi-precious gemstones.

The reason I started making jewelry in the first place. 
These stones bring out the little girl in me. Shiny ones, sleek ones. Creamy ones, earthy ones. Dazzling, beautiful, glimmery, shimmery, satiny, glassy, iridescent, irresistible.

I bought some pieces of pyrite a long time ago and I've been mentally composing the perfect piece in my mind for months. Finally this week I got around to composing this Pyrite necklace and earring set. I'd be lying if I said I won't be just a little sad to see this one go.
The necklace features an edgy raw pyrite chunk with gorgeous green pyrite accented with faceted sparkling pyrite rondelles amidst luscious sterling silver mixed chain and wire, finished with a spring clasp. The titanium earrings are made with beautiful sparkling faceted pyrite teardrop briolettes that sway from luxurious long swaths of oxidized antique sterling silver accented with green agate, on allergy free pure Titanium hooks.

2. Spotify

The greatest music invention since the walkman.
I'm one of those people who works better with music. Scratch that. I'm one of those people who only works with music. Honestly, I won't wash dishes unless the right tunes are playing. So on behalf of all music-addicts, thank you, thank you, Spotify for feeding our addictions in a user-friendly way.

Looking for some creative inspiration? Or maybe just some great tunes to keep you company while you bake pumpkin pie? I shared a playlist with some of my faves on Twitter. Check it out @variya!

3. My camera

It's old. It's clunky. And I love it.
We've been through a lot together, this camera and me. I know all its quirks and idiosyncracies. I'm thankful for my camera because it allows me to convey the essence of Variya's handcrafted jewelry to my customers so they know what they're buying without having to trek all the way to upstate New York.

By the way, I'm running a sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

4. Wedding season

It's just around the corner.
Hooray, hooray! Wedding season is coming (right after Pumpkin Pie Day, Christmas, and a few cold, snowy months). Right up at the top of my list, along with semi-precious stones, weddings are one of the things I love most about creating jewelry. I adore working with a bride to create the perfect design for her wedding and seeing how happy she is to have the exact custom designs she dreamed of for her most special day.

While I'm on the subject, I have to send a Happy TWO YEAR Anniversary shout-out to my dear friend Christie over at Bedsidesign! It's hard to believe two years have flown by since I designed her nautical inspired bridal jewelry. Her fabulous husband gifted her with this piece for their one year anniversary last year as well. What a catch he is! Happy Anniversary Christie & Ian. I wish you many incredible years of bliss to come!


5. Etsy

They connected me to the world. 
I signed up with Etsy in 2009, and it's been a sweet three years. I'm approaching 500 sales in 10 different countries... all from my little jewelry-making corner at my house in upstate New York! Not that I wouldn't mind a trip to Tahiti to deliver a pair of earrings on my way to the ocean-side hot tub with a piece of pumpkin pie in my hand... Oh, sorry. Spaced out there for a sec. Anyway, if you're the crafty, creative type, here's a 2013 New Year's resolution idea for you: Sell your stuff on Etsy! Give it a try ... you just never know! And if you do, please tweet me @variya or message me a link to your shop so I can check it out!

Well, there's my list. I'd love to hear what's on yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Outer Space October

October has been a big month for outer space. Astronomers have discovered three new planets just in the past few weeks! One of them is twice the size of Earth and has perfect conditions for creating diamonds. A planet that makes diamonds.

I must go there.

You can read about the newly discovered planets here if you want. I stopped halfway through when the language started getting technical and making my head hurt. Besides, I was craving a steamy mug of chai. In my opinion, autumn is all about steamy, spicy chai. 

A steamy cup of chai while I shop for jewelry = a perfect autumn day
mmm... I think I need another cup now.

Anyway, in honor of October's planetary advances, I decided to highlight some jewelry pieces that remind me of outer space.

Starry Starry Night Pure Titanium earrings

I called these "Starry Starry Night." But these devastatingly sexy titanium earrings could also be called "Show Stoppers."

Starry Starry Night Pure Titanium earrings

 Stunning blue goldstone shimmers and sparkles amidst a cascade of delicate silver chain. These are the kind of earrings that make me want a date night.

Interchangeable gemstone dangles for niobium drop earrings-aqua terra jasper 
 Don't these look like delightful little globes?
Interchangeable gemstone dangles for niobium drop earrings-aqua terra jasper
 These aqua terra jasper dangles are part of our new interchangeable
line of allergy-free earrings. 

By the way, have you seen our interchangeable line of earrings yet? You start out with your choice of decorative hooks—as always, handmade with pure titanium or niobium for allergy-free earring wearing. Then pick from our treasure trove of gemstone, crystal and pearl dangles. You can mix, match and layer to create the perfect earrings to go with anything and everything.

Interchangeable dangles for pure titanium or niobium earrings

Shimmery and sparkly, just like a starry autumn night. These interchangeable dangles are made from blue goldstone and wrapped in oxidized sterling silver. 

Interchangeable dangles for pure titanium or niobium earrings

Moon & Stars: A match made in heaven. Here's a sample of how you can mix and match the dangles to create your own perfect earrings.

Niobium gold and silver circle dangle earrings

Like Saturn's rings, silver and gold colored circles hang suspended from pure niobium hooks. One of our best-sellers, these earrings give you lots of movement and shine without the weight ... and they go with absolutely everything.

Titanium Glo Earrings - Red pure titanium posts

Every respectable planet post needs at least one shout-out to the Red Planet. These classic studs have an edgy swirl and splash of color. The iridescent beads are centered in allergy-safe titanium.

All these items are for sale at Variya's Etsy Shop 
along with lots more hand-crafted, allergy-free earrings and other vintage modern jewelry. So grab yourself a mug of steamy chai and happy shopping!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nairobi Sunset in Titanium

I'm always fascinated with the names of paint colors, and in awe of whoever comes up with the absolutely creative and unending names for millions of hues.  Once, while looking for the perfect shade of purple I came across "Nairobi Sunset".  I have never been to Nairobi (my husband has), but the vision that elicited in my mind's eye was incredibly gorgeous! .. of course now when I google it, it does not come up.. oh well you'll have to shrug off you 21st century propensity for suspicion and trust me.. it was a beautiful shade of purple.

Here are some beautiful shades of purple for your sensitive ears:

  Violet Hill : Niobium wires suspend delicate Vintaj natural brass diamond filigree accented with genuine amethyst and chalcedony drop briolettes in luxurious shades of purple.

Affection in Titanium: A myriad of Swarovski crystal in shades of purple sparkle below a handmade oxidized sterling silver frame radiating with edgy class, swinging from simple titanium french hooks. (* on SALE this month!)

Blackberry Sorbet: Vintage ceramic and glass in hues of purple and violet swing from allergy free Titanium ear wires. 

Titanium Glo: A classic stud style with an edgy swirl and a splash of eye catching color! Iridescent beads at the center of allergy safe titanium.

Check out more from Variya here.  Contact us if there is something more specific you are looking for, we love custom orders!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Now Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

Yes, this is a blog dedicated to sensitive ears and wearing earrings again; but if you have read anything about me, you know that I have a passionate conviction to care for those in need.  So I am taking a moment to, in my best small way, try to help people in need on the Northside of my city who have lost a vital resource and hope to have influence on the ones who can choose to give them hope of a replacement of that resource.  Please watch this video if you have time and share it if you have another couple seconds to post it somewhere.

If you live or have lived anywhere near a Wegmans grocery store you know how they are beloved.  If you've ever moved away to an area where they do not exist, you know the luxury that is Wegmans.  This grocery store was not a luxury, it was a vital resource to many people on the northside of Syracuse, NY.  There is no other competitor or option for them to buy fresh food from. Wegmans has given until Friday, July 13th to make a case for them to essentially change their minds and sell the space to another grocer.  Wegmans has always seemed to be community minded, let's hope together they will continue that mission.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now the Options for Titanium are Endless!

For real.  Did you think since you have sensitive ears the days of lovely lobes were over?  That an up-do or sexy long earrings were out of the question?  NO WAY my friend!  We are just getting started here.  I'd like to introduce you to our latest designs in Titanium - Interchangeable earrings!  That's right - mix, match and layer to your heart's content.  Be your own style maven, and always have the right earrings to rock anything.  Below is a sampling of  our latest options, click here for more.

Pure Titanium shepherd's hook ear wires with examples of gemstone drop pairings.

Pure Titanium swirl hook ear wires for interchangeable gemstones, crystals, & pearls.

 Stunning faceted chocolate jasper striated with tones of creams and blues wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver. Create your own perfect earrings by mixing, matching and layering drops of your own choosing!  Check out our options here - and check back often, we're always adding new choices.

Pure Titanium swirl post earrings.  Posts!!

Find all our interchangeable earring choices here.  Be sure to contact us if you're looking for specific style hooks, stones or colors, we love custom orders!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Luck for Your Sensitive Ears!

A selection of St. Patrick's Day colors for you and your sensitive ears to celebrate!

I can't quite put my finger on WHY I love St. Patrick's Day, but there's just something about it!  I have a little bit of Irish descent, but nothing my family really ever spotlighted.  Maybe it is because the holiday starts a look towards a long awaited spring, or maybe it really is in my blood!  I definitely intertwine the festivities of the upcoming holiday into the next few weeks with my own family, including shamrocks around the house, St. Patty cookies, and a bit of green food coloring in various foods on the 17th!

You can jump in too, with some of these colors of the Irish!

Gorgeous frosted glass wire wrapped and encircled in antique silver suspended from titanium ear wires. Available in your choice of orange, green or light yellow.

"May your home always be too small to hold your friends." –Irish toast

Handcrafted bronze colored Niobium kidney wires coupled with beautiful mint green faceted glass drops wire wrapped in antiqued bronze. Stunning.

"May misfortune follow you the rest of your life, but never catch up". –Irish saying

Chic, classic golden Niobium Hoops. These simple hoops are meticulously hand-filed at the ends resulting smooth edges and utmost comfort for your sensitive ears.

"May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live." –Irish saying 

Titanium Earrings with high quality orange faceted glass drops wire wrapped in sterling silver. Classic & stunning.

"A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have." –Unknown

Chic, classic golden Niobium Hoops meticulously hand-filed to a super smooth edge, embellished with beautifully faceted interchangeable dangles!

"Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer – and another one!"
– St. Patrick’s Day Toast

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Au Courant

Sensitive ears doesn't mean boring earrings!  Check out what's new for your sensitive ears, AND stay in style!

Niobium earrings with lovely turquoise howlite sway on a hand crafted brass frame accented with a wire wrapped brass bead. Turquoise and brass are a stunning combo!

Fabulous vintage style titanium earrings! Moonestone glows amid gunmetal chain and a teardrop frame dangling from titanium hooks. Totally rad. Word to your mother.

Long and elegant Titanium earrings featuring white freshwater pearls. A white freshwater teardrop pearl sways encircled in a silver frame accented by silver beads. A silver wrapped drop pearl delicately dangles from the silver oval frame. Exquisite and graceful with presence.

Check out more from Variya here.  Contact us if there is something more specific you are looking for, we love custom orders!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Did you know Tangerine has the honor being the Pantone Color of the Year?  Yes. It is true.  (Tangerine Tango to be exact!)  Here are some selections to keep you en vogue for 2012.

Titanium Earrings with high quality tangerine faceted glass drops wire wrapped in sterling silver. Classic & stunning.

Gorgeous frosted tangerine glass wire wrapped and encircled in antique silver suspended from titanium ear wires.

An edgy necklace, beautifully crafted in stunning tangerine orange carnelian and gun metal. The eye-catching carnelian teardrop dangles from a front toggle closure offset by an asymmetrical gun metal bead surrounded by striking deep orange carnelian. A hip, irresistibly striking piece.

Beautiful frosted tangerine glass drops wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver and cascading from antique silver colored chain. Two decorative links embellish the delicate chain on one side, finished with a lobster clasp and a 3 inch extension.

Check out more fab Titanium options here and don't forget - we love custom orders, so if there's anything you can't find, just ask and we can do it for you!