Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Niobium Collection - More Options for People with Metal Allergies

I've been using Titanium for a while in my designs, as well as wearing it myself. I've been so happy with no reactions from Titanium, I was a little skeptical to try Niobium, but it offers color options that Titanium does not, so I had to try it. I love the antique bronze color available in Niobium.

Niobium Cassonade Earrings from the Niobium Collection at Variya

Niobium jewelry is a relatively new form of jewelry. Niobium is an element, therefore does not contain alloys, which often cause allergic reactions. Using electrical currents and applied heat, jewelers can bring out vibrant, permanent colors in the metal, making a rainbow of colors available. Niobium, formerly known as columbium, is a rare metal which is not found anywhere in the United States. It is hypoallergenic, which prevents adverse skin reactions in wearers. It is an alternative for jewelry wearers with sensitivities to nickel and other cheaper metals found in jewelry.

I tested Niobium for a while myself, I also had some friends with metal allergies try it as well, and we all had positive results with no reactions. Gold is another color available in Niobium.

Niobium Swirl Post Earrings from the Niobium Collection at Variya

I am delighted to offer Niobium as another option for extra sensitive ears (as well as being able to wear it myself!). I want you to be able to try it risk free, so I'll be happy to make an exchange for you if you order from my Niobium Collection and find that you do have a reaction.

Niobium Cherry Blossom Earrings from the Niobium Collection at Variya

Here are some more Facts about Niobium, for those of you with deeper interest.