Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nairobi Sunset in Titanium

I'm always fascinated with the names of paint colors, and in awe of whoever comes up with the absolutely creative and unending names for millions of hues.  Once, while looking for the perfect shade of purple I came across "Nairobi Sunset".  I have never been to Nairobi (my husband has), but the vision that elicited in my mind's eye was incredibly gorgeous! .. of course now when I google it, it does not come up.. oh well you'll have to shrug off you 21st century propensity for suspicion and trust me.. it was a beautiful shade of purple.

Here are some beautiful shades of purple for your sensitive ears:

  Violet Hill : Niobium wires suspend delicate Vintaj natural brass diamond filigree accented with genuine amethyst and chalcedony drop briolettes in luxurious shades of purple.

Affection in Titanium: A myriad of Swarovski crystal in shades of purple sparkle below a handmade oxidized sterling silver frame radiating with edgy class, swinging from simple titanium french hooks. (* on SALE this month!)

Blackberry Sorbet: Vintage ceramic and glass in hues of purple and violet swing from allergy free Titanium ear wires. 

Titanium Glo: A classic stud style with an edgy swirl and a splash of eye catching color! Iridescent beads at the center of allergy safe titanium.

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