Friday, October 19, 2012

Outer Space October

October has been a big month for outer space. Astronomers have discovered three new planets just in the past few weeks! One of them is twice the size of Earth and has perfect conditions for creating diamonds. A planet that makes diamonds.

I must go there.

You can read about the newly discovered planets here if you want. I stopped halfway through when the language started getting technical and making my head hurt. Besides, I was craving a steamy mug of chai. In my opinion, autumn is all about steamy, spicy chai. 

A steamy cup of chai while I shop for jewelry = a perfect autumn day
mmm... I think I need another cup now.

Anyway, in honor of October's planetary advances, I decided to highlight some jewelry pieces that remind me of outer space.

Starry Starry Night Pure Titanium earrings

I called these "Starry Starry Night." But these devastatingly sexy titanium earrings could also be called "Show Stoppers."

Starry Starry Night Pure Titanium earrings

 Stunning blue goldstone shimmers and sparkles amidst a cascade of delicate silver chain. These are the kind of earrings that make me want a date night.

Interchangeable gemstone dangles for niobium drop earrings-aqua terra jasper 
 Don't these look like delightful little globes?
Interchangeable gemstone dangles for niobium drop earrings-aqua terra jasper
 These aqua terra jasper dangles are part of our new interchangeable
line of allergy-free earrings. 

By the way, have you seen our interchangeable line of earrings yet? You start out with your choice of decorative hooks—as always, handmade with pure titanium or niobium for allergy-free earring wearing. Then pick from our treasure trove of gemstone, crystal and pearl dangles. You can mix, match and layer to create the perfect earrings to go with anything and everything.

Interchangeable dangles for pure titanium or niobium earrings

Shimmery and sparkly, just like a starry autumn night. These interchangeable dangles are made from blue goldstone and wrapped in oxidized sterling silver. 

Interchangeable dangles for pure titanium or niobium earrings

Moon & Stars: A match made in heaven. Here's a sample of how you can mix and match the dangles to create your own perfect earrings.

Niobium gold and silver circle dangle earrings

Like Saturn's rings, silver and gold colored circles hang suspended from pure niobium hooks. One of our best-sellers, these earrings give you lots of movement and shine without the weight ... and they go with absolutely everything.

Titanium Glo Earrings - Red pure titanium posts

Every respectable planet post needs at least one shout-out to the Red Planet. These classic studs have an edgy swirl and splash of color. The iridescent beads are centered in allergy-safe titanium.

All these items are for sale at Variya's Etsy Shop 
along with lots more hand-crafted, allergy-free earrings and other vintage modern jewelry. So grab yourself a mug of steamy chai and happy shopping!