Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

I just love this time of year. Winter hasn't fully hit, thankfulness is in the air, and there's a day coming very soon when I can gorge myself on pumpkin pie without a bit of guilt. One more day, just one more day...

There are plenty of truly significant and deeply meaningful things that I'm thankful for. (People, for example. And pumpkin pie.) But on the lighter side, here are five small things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Semi-precious gemstones.

The reason I started making jewelry in the first place. 
These stones bring out the little girl in me. Shiny ones, sleek ones. Creamy ones, earthy ones. Dazzling, beautiful, glimmery, shimmery, satiny, glassy, iridescent, irresistible.

I bought some pieces of pyrite a long time ago and I've been mentally composing the perfect piece in my mind for months. Finally this week I got around to composing this Pyrite necklace and earring set. I'd be lying if I said I won't be just a little sad to see this one go.
The necklace features an edgy raw pyrite chunk with gorgeous green pyrite accented with faceted sparkling pyrite rondelles amidst luscious sterling silver mixed chain and wire, finished with a spring clasp. The titanium earrings are made with beautiful sparkling faceted pyrite teardrop briolettes that sway from luxurious long swaths of oxidized antique sterling silver accented with green agate, on allergy free pure Titanium hooks.

2. Spotify

The greatest music invention since the walkman.
I'm one of those people who works better with music. Scratch that. I'm one of those people who only works with music. Honestly, I won't wash dishes unless the right tunes are playing. So on behalf of all music-addicts, thank you, thank you, Spotify for feeding our addictions in a user-friendly way.

Looking for some creative inspiration? Or maybe just some great tunes to keep you company while you bake pumpkin pie? I shared a playlist with some of my faves on Twitter. Check it out @variya!

3. My camera

It's old. It's clunky. And I love it.
We've been through a lot together, this camera and me. I know all its quirks and idiosyncracies. I'm thankful for my camera because it allows me to convey the essence of Variya's handcrafted jewelry to my customers so they know what they're buying without having to trek all the way to upstate New York.

By the way, I'm running a sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

4. Wedding season

It's just around the corner.
Hooray, hooray! Wedding season is coming (right after Pumpkin Pie Day, Christmas, and a few cold, snowy months). Right up at the top of my list, along with semi-precious stones, weddings are one of the things I love most about creating jewelry. I adore working with a bride to create the perfect design for her wedding and seeing how happy she is to have the exact custom designs she dreamed of for her most special day.

While I'm on the subject, I have to send a Happy TWO YEAR Anniversary shout-out to my dear friend Christie over at Bedsidesign! It's hard to believe two years have flown by since I designed her nautical inspired bridal jewelry. Her fabulous husband gifted her with this piece for their one year anniversary last year as well. What a catch he is! Happy Anniversary Christie & Ian. I wish you many incredible years of bliss to come!


5. Etsy

They connected me to the world. 
I signed up with Etsy in 2009, and it's been a sweet three years. I'm approaching 500 sales in 10 different countries... all from my little jewelry-making corner at my house in upstate New York! Not that I wouldn't mind a trip to Tahiti to deliver a pair of earrings on my way to the ocean-side hot tub with a piece of pumpkin pie in my hand... Oh, sorry. Spaced out there for a sec. Anyway, if you're the crafty, creative type, here's a 2013 New Year's resolution idea for you: Sell your stuff on Etsy! Give it a try ... you just never know! And if you do, please tweet me @variya or message me a link to your shop so I can check it out!

Well, there's my list. I'd love to hear what's on yours. Happy Thanksgiving!