Wednesday, December 2, 2015

12 Days of Variya Jewelry

Cue the trumpets! Tune the fiddles! "The 12 Days of Variya Jewelry" is about to begin...

ONE lucky winner.

Share a snapshot of your Variya jewelry on your social media venue of choice tagged #ilovevariyajewelry and you’ll be entered to win a free gift.

TWO happy earlobes.

My metal allergies were so severe I was reacting to my own wedding ring! I’d given up hope on ever wearing earrings again … until I discovered that my sensitive ears were happy with pure titanium. No more infections, no more itching, no more naked earlobes. I’ve been making titanium earrings I can wear since 2008, and my earlobes are so happy. (Yours will be, too!)

THREE sets of gemstones.

When you order these chic titanium or niobium hoops, you get your choice of three gemstone dangle drops. These classic hoops are meticulously hand filed at the ends for smooth edges and utmost comfort for your sensitive ears. Many of my customers tell me these are their go-to earrings for everyday wear.

FOUR fun shapes for your interchangeable hooks.

You can make almost any earring work for your sensitive ears. Mix and match from my interchangeable dangles or hang your own dangles from these pure titanium or niobium earring hooks.

FIVE(ish) dollars in your pocket.

Tis the season for free shipping! Shipping’s on me for anything you order from my Etsy shop, including custom wedding jewelry. So you'll have pretty earrings in your ears and extra money in your pocket. Merry Christmas!

SIX years on Etsy.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2009. Six years and over two thousand sales later, I still love making jewelry! I never get tired of hearing my customers tell me how they're so happy to finally be able to wear earrings once again.

SEVEN days till your order ships.

Seven days is the max you’ll have to wait from when you place your order till I send it your way, with free shipping,  tucked inside a pretty box. If it’s a smaller order, like a pair of these classic stud earrings (perfect for recovering from allergic reactions, by the way), I can usually ship within just a few days. So if you’re considering ordering jewelry for a Christmas gift, order soon and you’ll get your goodies with plenty of time to spare.

EIGHT million sparkles.

You will love the way these gorgeous druzy agate drops go from silvery grey to shimmery white. They’ll look exquisite under the lights of a holiday party. These are limited edition so get them before someone else does!

NINE years old.

My sweet niece just got her ears pierced, and rather than jamming cheap metals or alloys into those young lobes, she’s wearing pure grade one titanium that won’t cause an allergic reaction. Such a lucky princess.

TEN ... a perfect ten.

That’s you when you show up at a holiday party adorned in elegant Variya dangle earrings. Many of my customers have told me they’re thrilled to be able to wear dangles again. I know how they feel.


The year David Guetta’s song “Titanium” was released (2011) and the average number of days it remains stuck in my head after I accidentally hear it on the radio. Nothing against the song, but I prefer my type of titanium. Pure, grade one. Pliable, yet durable. The answer to the cry of millions of sensitive ears! Check out this post to see what’s so great about titanium.

TWELVE pretty birthstones. 

For your custom birthstone jewelry, of course. And if you’ve never liked your traditional birthstone, don’t worry! There are alternates. My August baby friend who has always disliked the pale green peridot was thrilled to learn her alternate birthstone is sapphire. Contact me if you're curious about your alternate birthstone. I'll send you a chart to drool over.