Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Valentine's Day Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a lonely red bead. The red bead was pretty and shiny, and she had lots of friends. But she longed to meet that special someone.

Around that same time, there was a lonely piece of grade one pure titanium wire. The wire was strong and radiant and hypoallergenic, and he had plenty of wire pals to hang out with. But he couldn't shake the feeling that his life was somehow empty.

Then one day, a jewelry designer named Variya decided it was time to create allergy-free stud earrings that were really, truly allergy free. Variya had seen lots of earrings claiming to be allergy free, but often only the posts were made from hypoallergenic material while the earring itself contained alloys that would touch sensitive ears and cause an allergic reaction.

So Variya chose a pretty red bead and a sturdy titanium wire and twisted them together to create a stud earring that was a perfect mix of classic and edgyand of course safe for sensitive ears.

True love at last! The red bead and titanium wire lived happily ever after.

Like any good love story, the love didn't stop there. Variya's customers were happy, too. The titanium glo earrings became an instant hit and sparked a colorful collection, leading to the happy match-making of many more single beads and lonely wires. 

One of the happy customers, inspired by her new titanium stud earrings, asked Variya to make three matching friendship bracelets that she could give to her two best friends. Variya adores custom orders and agreed immediately.
The perfect gift for a special friend. Stunning oxidized silver hand-wrapped and hand-stamped with a customizable tag and adorned with beads of your color choice. The bracelet comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box ready for giving.

Everyone loved the friendship bracelets. The customized tags on the bracelet reflected the character of each member of the three amigas: Old Soul, Beautiful Mind and True Friend.

Variya's customer sent a photo and wrote that, "We are so very happy with the finished bracelets! One cried and the other teared up when they opened their gift. Thank you so much for making me able to give them such a special and memorable gift."

Aww... see how the love just keeps on spreading? And to think it all started with one lonely bead and a solitary piece of wire.
In the name of love, why not treat yourself to a pair of these titanium glo earring studs? Consider it a Valentine's Day gift to your earlobes. If you're dreaming of a color you don't see in Variya's Etsy shop, just ask and she'll work her match-making magic.

Or perhaps you're looking for a Valentine's Day gifts for a friend. Consider a friendship bracelet that perfectly compliments the earrings and expresses your love for your friend.