Sunday, December 23, 2012

Variya's Half Dozen Days of Christmas

First things first. Before you start reading, you're going to want to have the "12 Days of Christmas" tune ringing in your brain. If you need a refresher, here's a fun version. But come right back because there are goodies and give-aways in this post that you won’t want to miss!

On the first day of Christmas
Variya gave to me...

an idea for a jew-el-ry tree.

You know how it goes. Tangled necklaces, missing earrings … all that pretty jewelry jumbled in chaos! It’s just not right. Here are a couple simple, cheap DIY ideas to organize your jewelry.

Thanks for this creative idea goes to Danielle, who also takes creative photos in the D.C. area.

An old CD rack makes another great jewelry organizer.
On the second day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me...

two happy earlobes

(and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Titanium and niobium allergy-free earrings make for happy, healthy earlobes.

After eight years of naked, lonely earlobes, the day I discovered titanium earrings was a happy one. Most people with metal allergies can wear pure titanium and niobium with no allergy problems. All my earrings are made with grade 1 pure titanium or niobium—including these classic titanium studs, which I’m giving away to one of you lucky readers! Leave a comment and tell me about a unique holiday tradition you have. The day after New Year's I’ll pick my favorite and send you a pair of these allergy-free earrings to make your earlobes oh-so happy.

On the third day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Three free dangles

(two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Allergy-free hooks and gemstone dangles let you mix and match to create your own earrings that go with anything!
Normally when you purchase a pair of these titanium or niobium allergy-free hooks, you get to pick two complimentary dangles. But for this third day of Christmas gift from me to you, pick three! Order your hooks here, choose your complimentary dangles here, and getchyo glam on! Use coupon code 12DAYSBLOG at checkout to get your three free dangles.

On the fourth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Four dollars saved

(three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Save your moolah. At Variya, shipping is free!
When I used to charge for shipping, the average order ran around $4. But now shipping's on me! Anything you order from my etsy shop, including custom wedding jewelry, includes free shipping. 

On the fifth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Fiiiiiiiive gooooooolden (ear)rrrriiiings

(four dollars saved, 
three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Style and health. Variya's allergy-free earrings let you have it all.
These chic, classic golden hoops are good for everything from a holiday party to running errands in a baseball cap. These simple hoops are meticulously hand-filed at the ends resulting smooth edges and made with pure, allergy-free niobium to make your sensitive ears comfy and happy.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
Variya gave to me

Six pretty bows

(fiiiiive gooooolden earrings,
four dollars saved, 
three free dangles,
two happy earlobes,
and an idea for a jew-el-ry tree).

Need a last-minute Christmas present or hostess gift? Your purchases at Variya come shipped in a sleek box hugged with pretty pink ribbon -- ready to give to that special someone.
I hope all your days of Christmas are happy, cozy and adorned with something that glitters in the firelight!

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  1. A unique family tradition we have during the holidays is having a second Thanksgiving for New Year's Eve dinner. This tradition started around the time I went to college since I wasn't able to come back every year in November. Pumpkin pie on New Year's Eve? Yes, please!